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The Greatest Hits The Cure Torrent

Back to the disc at hand, I don't think it needs a reissue at all. There's a greatest hits album out there already for casual fans that covers more territory in their catalog. The b-sides and rarities are a very low price for a box set with 4 discs. If anything, the five or six videos that are only available on VHS from this release deserve some attention.

The Greatest Hits The Cure Torrent

...but I was forced to watch this concert film and realized two things.Firstly, many of my favorite film sountrack songs are by the cure. It's stupefiying how many of these songs I've heard from TV and movies. And loved them all. Disintegration is effectively a movie soundtrack best hits compilation. Why did I never do the mental math on how all those awesome tunes were by the same band? Yeah I have no rationalization for that momentus blunder. Maybe I wanted to give myself a gift of musical wonder when I was older?OK and then, secondly, this concert demonstrated skill, innovation, cohesion and pure musical talent. Even if I had never heard any of these glorious songs, I still would have become an instant fan owing to their overwhelming talent.So there you go. I shouldn't have been so quick to judge back in 1986.

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