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Drawful 2 Crack Game Download

Drawful 2 Game Download

Drawful 2 is a party game that challenges players to draw ridiculous prompts on their smartphones or tablets and guess what others have drawn. It is a sequel to the original Drawful, which was part of The Jackbox Party Pack. Drawful 2 is a standalone game that can be purchased and played on various platforms, such as Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more .

Drawful 2 has several new features that make it more fun and customizable than the first game. Some of these features are:


  • Twice as many prompts, including bonus score-streaks for consecutive correct answers.

  • The ability to draw with two colors instead of one.

  • The option to tweet out GIFs of your favorite drawings or share them with other players.

  • The custom episode capability, which allows you to create your own prompts and play them with your friends or the public.

  • The content moderation feature, which enables you to remove any inappropriate or offensive prompts or drawings from the game.

  • The text filtering feature, which automatically filters out any offensive content or hate speech from the game.

  • The closed captioning feature, which provides subtitles for the host audio.

Drawful 2 is a game that can be played with 3 to 8 players and an audience of thousands. Each player needs a web-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to join the game and draw their prompts. The game can be played online or locally, using a video conferencing tool like Zoom, Steam Broadcast, Google Hangouts, Discord, and more to connect with other players. The game is also compatible with Remote Play on Phone, Tablet, TV, and Together.

Drawful 2 is a game that is suitable for all ages and occasions. It can be played with family, friends, coworkers, classmates, or strangers. It can be used for entertainment, education, team building, ice breaking, or just having fun. Drawful 2 is a game that will make you laugh, think, and unleash your creativity.

If you are interested in playing Drawful 2, you can download it from the platform of your choice by following the links below:




Steam (PC/Mac/Linux)









Nintendo Switch


[Nintendo Switch]

Apple TV


[Apple TV]

Amazon Fire TV


[Amazon Fire TV]

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