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Alag Hd Movie Download 1080p

Alag Hd Movie Download 1080p

Are you looking for a way to download Alag, the 2006 Hindi sci-fi movie, in high definition quality? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to download Alag Hd Movie in 1080p resolution, and also give you some information about the movie and its cast.

What is Alag?

Alag (English: Different) is a 2006 Indian Hindi-language science-fiction film directed by Ashu Trikha, starring Akshay Kapoor and Dia Mirza. The protagonist is a man with extraordinary supernatural powers and with no hair on his entire body. The movie is inspired by the Hollywood film Powder (1995), but has a different storyline and climax.


Who are the cast of Alag?

The cast of Alag includes the following actors and actresses:

  • Akshay Kapoor as Tejas Rastogi, the main character who has telekinetic abilities and is sensitive to light.

  • Dia Mirza as Purva Rana, the head of an institute that rehabilitates young criminals, who becomes Tejas' friend and love interest.

  • Mukesh Tiwari as Singh, a security guard who tries to harm Tejas.

  • Sharat Saxena as Police Inspector, who investigates Tejas' case.

  • Jayant Kripalani as Pushkar Rana, Purva's father and a wealthy businessman, who welcomes Tejas into his family.

  • Beena Banerjee as Gayetri Rana, Purva's mother and Pushkar's wife, who is in a coma-like state until Tejas revives her.

  • Tom Alter as Dr. Richard Dyer, a scientist who wants to use Tejas' powers for his own benefit.

  • Rana Jung Bahadur as Dyer's assistant, who helps him kidnap Tejas.

  • Somesh Agarwal as Doctor, who examines Tejas and confirms his abnormality.

  • Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Bobby Deol, Lara Dutta and Karan Johar as special appearances in a song sequence.

How to download Alag Hd Movie in 1080p?

If you want to watch Alag in high definition quality, you can download it from various online platforms that offer movie downloads. However, you should be careful about the legality and safety of these sites, as some of them may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device. Also, downloading movies without proper permission may violate the copyright laws and result in legal consequences.

Therefore, we recommend you to use a trusted and legal site that provides Alag Hd Movie Download in 1080p resolution. One such site is [Prime Video], where you can watch Alag with a subscription or rent it for a limited time. Prime Video also offers other features such as subtitles, offline viewing, and multiple devices support. You can also find other movies of different genres and languages on Prime Video.


Alag is a unique and interesting movie that explores the theme of being different and having special powers. It has a good mix of drama, action, romance, and sci-fi elements that will keep you engaged till the end. If you are a fan of Hindi movies or sci-fi movies, you should definitely watch Alag. You can download Alag Hd Movie in 1080p from Prime Video or other legal sites and enjoy it on your device.

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