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Elden Ring

Just spend some time exploring the early game regions until you feel strong enough to take on Margit. During your exploration of Weeping Peninsula (south of Limgrave), go defeat trophy boss Leonine Misbegotten.

Elden ring

Behind Fire Giant you can go over a big chain to reach the Forge of the Giants site of grace (head across the left wall on the forge to reach it). Rest at this site of grace, it will give you the option to talk to Melina. Talk to her and she will set the tree on fire (unlocks a story trophy). This also brings you to the last region Crumbling Farum Azula. Now you have access to all regions in the game and we are approaching the end. After arriving there, your fast travel is temporarily blocked but it will unlock again after resting at the first site of grace.

This mandatory Boss will be your final roadblock before reaching the last boss of the game. After clearing Farum you will be back in the Capital and at the Elden Throne you will fight Hoarah Loux.

The optional Boss Regal Ancestor Spirit can be found in the Hallowhorn Grounds in the Ancestral Woods. This is the second version of the deer boss, similar to the one in Siofra River, and for this one you will go through Nokron, Eternal City (you have to go there during one step of the Age of the Stars Ending). Just like with the other Ancestor Spirit from Siofra River, you will have to light braziers in the area and interact with the deer corpse at the Hallowhorn Grounds afterward. There are 6 braziers in the area, see below:

The optional Boss Mimic Tear can be found in Nokron, Eternal City. While it is optional you will run into it while clearing Nokron towards the Age of the Stars Ending.

Can confirm that regardless of selling the legendary armaments I still received my trophy after acquiring them all. Was worried that it might have been the only one I was missing for platinum but luckily it popped as soon as I picked up the last weapon.

I missed the warmaster shack questline and I found that the npc could invade me in crumbling farum azula right before entering the room with the legendary talisman chest (i forgot the name, but it is on the list of legendary talismans here).

Make sure to kill at least one Tibia Mariner and deliver the Deeproot / Deathroot whatever it is called, always mixing it up to Bestial Sanctum. With D appearing in the Hold the questline should continue.

I think you can still get the normal ending even if you go through the red door for the frenzied flame by clearing Millith questline and getting miquella Needle to subdue the flame of frenzy making the normal ending accessible again.

I actually had D appear before delivering any deathroot.When you do hold a deathroot, and talk to D, he will offer to introduce you to the beastmaster, and give you a portal somewhere more accessible which teleports you to the northeast point of caelid, so steps 3 and 4 of the lichdragon trophy is not absolute, just FYI.

Marikas Kinder, allesamt Halbgötter, rissen die Fragmente des Eldenrings an sich, die fortan als Große Runen bekannt waren. Die wahnsinnige Verderbtheit ihrer neuen Macht löste einen Krieg aus: die Zertrümmerung. Ein Krieg, der die Loslösung vom Höheren Willen bedeutete.

Nun soll die führende Hand der Gnade den Befleckten zuteil werden, die von der Goldenen Gnade verschmäht und aus dem Zwischenland verbannt wurden. Tot, und doch voller Leben, seid Ihr längst fern der Gnade. Folgt dem Pfad ins Zwischenland hinter dem Nebelmeer und unterwerft Euch dem Eldenring. 041b061a72

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