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The fact is Grant truly is funny. His initially stiff-backed and elegant screen persona gave no hint of the apt mimicry (he's particularly good on ``frightening American agents'' and north of England TV producers) and the wry self-mockery that make him so engaging to meet. In ``Sirens,'' he says, he tried to be ``groovy'' as well as funny so that the clash between free-spiritedness and conventional morality in 1930s Australia would not seem a cliche.

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Teddy Bridgewater was on the other end of the spectrum. He was at the lectern for a good 15 minutes, with a much smaller crowd than the one on hand for Johnny Manziel. Quarterbacks tend to be the dominant personalities in the room, but one of the worries about Bridgewater, who has just about every other intangible trait a team could want, is his not overly magnetic personality.

There is, for example, a great deal of direct quotation. Reich has pointed exchanges with other members of the administration; he interviews workers on the factory floor; he negotiates with the leaders of organized labor, schmoozes with congressmen, and commiserates with his unhappy wife, who is eternally complaining that Washington is a one-company town where everyone talks and thinks just like everyone else (as opposed to Cambridge?). 041b061a72

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