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Download Dahlia Bloom3 Zip UPDATED

Summer Blooming Bulbs, including popular varieties such as gladiolus and dahlias, are planted in the spring and bloom in the summer. Most of these bulbs are tropical and require warm weather to be planted. There must not be any danger of frost and your ground temperature must have reached 55 degrees Fahrenheit before planting. Manyof our summer blooming bulbs can be planted as perennials in zones 9-10 (zone 8 if mulched), but should be treated as annuals in cooler climates. You can lift them and store them in the fall, or bring patio pots inside before frost. See page 15 of our Planting Guide for a bulb depth planting illustration. Read our article about How To Grow Dahlias.

Download Dahlia Bloom3 zip

Growing Dahlias: Plant Dahlia tubers after spring frosts in good garden soil with full sun. Dahlias must be protected from high winds, so we suggest you position them against a wall or be ready to stake them. Keep the plants well-watered and free of bugs, applying flower fertilizer as they grow. Your dahlias will be in full bloom by July or August, with the enormous flowers continuing to bloom until frost. As frost threatens, pull up the roots and trim off the stems. You can store the tubers in a cool dry place until the following spring.

If you are in the mood to decorate your home with fresh-cut tulips, dahlias, or daisies, it's essential to know if these blooms are readily available from your florist or not. More importantly, if you are planning a special event and want specific florals for it, you'll want to know when you should schedule it so those flowers are at the height of their blooming season.

While the roots of dahlias are usually called bulbs, dahlias are really tubers (tuberous begonia) and can usually look like brown carrots. Stems from dahlias also sprout from the tubers. Dahlias come in a variety of colors. You can choose a white dahlia flower to plant in your garden or from a selection of colors from red and pink, to yellow and orange dahlias. Dahlia flowers can also range in sizes from just two inches to over fifteen inches in full bloom. Some varieties of dahlias can grow to be over four feet tall.

If you don't have time to plant immediately, keep the dahlia tubers in their original bags at about 40-45F (4-7C). The vegetable drawer of a refrigerator is ideal for temporary storage. Quick planting, however, will yield the best results.

Dahlias are frost tender. Your tubers can go directly into the ground in the spring after the ground has warmed and the chance of frost has passed. One good guideline is to plant dahlias at the same time you would plant tomatoes. If you want early blooms, start the tubers indoors in good light about a month before you plant them outside. Dahlias can be planted as late as mid-June in most parts of the country.

Full sun produces sturdier dahlias, but sites with morning sun and afternoon shade, or dappled sun throughout the day, are also acceptable. During the summer months, make sure the soil does not dry out; insufficient moisture causes slow growing dahlias, fewer flowers, and yellowing of the foliage. Dahlias are tolerant of a wide range of pH, and adjusting the pH is normally not necessary.

You should plant your dahlias after the last frost date, once your soil has warmed. Dahlias are known to struggle in cold soil so it's important that your ground soil reaches a minimum of 60F before planting them.

A thin layer (1-2") of mulch (compost or a commercial type of mulch) has a positive effect on your dahlias by retaining moisture, maintaining a more even soil temperature, providing organic matter for an optimal soil structure and reducing weed growth. It also prevents soil from splashing onto the flowers and foliage.

Though dahlias will grow just fine on their own, pinching will give you a stronger, bushier plant with more flowers. The best time to pinch a dahlia is when it's between 12-16" tall and has at least four sets of leaves on the center stalk. Locate the upper-most sprout on the main stem and remove it with your fingers or a pair of scissors. Take care not to damage the stem or nearby leaves.

We suggest removing spent flowers on a regular basis, for instance, once a week to best care for dahlia plants. Deadheading encourages your dahlias to put their energies into producing more flowers, thereby promoting an extended display of form and color in the garden.

While dahlias are not "deer proof," they are low on the deer's list of favorite foods. In some parts of the country, they are considered deer resistant--probably in those areas where the animals find enough other plants they prefer to eat.

Dahlias move into the garden spotlight when little else is flowering. After spring planting, dahlias produce their first blooms in May on bushy upright plants rising from 4 to 7 feet. Waves of flowers flourish from summer through fall, ending with the first frost.

Selecting which dahlias to grow can be daunting. There are 30 species and literally thousands of hybrid cultivars. The American Dahlia Society has categorized them by flower size (1 to 10 inches); by color; and by flower shape (round or spiky, multiple petals).

Be sure to cut in the early morning or evening, selecting flowers that are two-thirds open. Then condition-cut dahlias by dipping stems into 2 inches of boiling water for a few seconds then place in cold water.

In addition to the tuberous dahlias, there are also dahlias grown from seed to produce 18- to 24-inch tall bedding plants. At highly rated Grass Root Gardens in Waynesville, N.C., co-owner Brian Artley propagates these plants each year for sale.

Flowers are in full bloom during Summer and so is our blog! So, today, we are giving yet another set of floral goodies. This time, you will get 16 free dahlia flower clip art images that you may use in your design projects.

Unlike sunflowers, dahlias come in various colors, making them more popular for bouquets and for any occasion or event. Our dahlia flowers come in transparent PNG format, making them easy to use in your layout. They also come in big sizes, at a resolution of approximately 2000 pixels wide. Some are even larger so you can have more flexibility when using them.

Images in PNG format are useful if you are using software other than Photoshop. For example, you can easily add these dahlia clip art images to your layout in Microsoft Publisher, Word or Powerpoint, for example.

IN this set, you will find 16 dahlia flower clip art images in various colors and sizes. Each image has a resolution of approximately 2000 pixels wide, making them large enough for print designs. The downloadable file is in ZIP format so you need to have a program like WinRAR to extract the PNG files.

Below is a preview of the 16 dahlia flower clip art images that you can get from this pack. For easy downloading and to break the file sizes, we decided to put these images into two separate ZIP files. Please click on the download links (not the blue button) to download all the files.

These dahlia flower clip art images have a transparent background, thus you can easily drag and drop them in your layout. The PNG format is also compatible with most applications for layout and design out there. Below is a screenshot to show you how these dahlia flower clip art images look like when opened in Photoshop.

TERMS OF USE:You may use these dahlia flower clip art images for personal projects only. Also, we appreciate a link back if you use them. Most importantly, please refrain from making them available for download outside of this site. If you want other people to know about our freebies, please refer them to this post.

Notice: If you are having issues downloading any cut files from this secure page, click HERE as this will take you to the page that will allow you to download the zip files. If you have any questions email us at

Once the wallpapers are downloaded, you can save them in your Gallery or File Manager. Just touch and hold an empty space if you want to change your wallpaper on a Pixel. You will see Wallpaper and Style. Tap on Change Wallpaper, and you can pick from the options.

This dahlia is a knockout! Dainty lemon yellow to dark yellow star shaped flowers dance above dramatic dark bronze/almost black foliage creating drama wherever you plant it. In your landscape or in a container Mystic Illusion is sure to please! Companion plant with lush green foliage and taller background plantings for a garden that will be the envy of your neighbors. Butterflies enjoy the flowers and will be frequent visitors to your garden.

Space plants 12 to 16 inches apart to allow plants to fill out. Unlike some dahlias, Mystic Illusion is resistant to powdery mildew but can be damaged by thrips, spider mites or slugs/snails. Signs of an infestation are dry curled up leaves or spots on leaves. Appropriate products can be purchased from your local hardware store to safely address these pests. With moderate care and attention from you, Mystic Illusion Dahlias will continue to amaze and delight you year after year. 041b061a72

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