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What You Need to Know About CRUCC 2.2 47 and How to Use It

in the world of car security, there are hard (pins) and soft (battery backed up crucc codes, embedded in the head unit). the codes vary with the manufacturer of the head unit. nevertheless a car owner needs to enter the crucc code into their head unit to get the car into or out of park.

crucc 2.2 47

crucc will calculate codes for any non- honda model of car. these include cadillac, chevrolet, ford, gmc, honda, hyundai, isuzu, kia, lexus, lincoln, mazda, mercedes-benz, nissan, and toyota. the list is endless.

mainly after installation you will see three screens: the setup, the calculation screen and the result screen. if you enter wrong code it will tell you "attempted incorrect code" and displays and warning message.

the result screen displays the code words in the order that you entered them (from top to bottom). to see a picture of your desired car, enter the car's vin number. the screen will display the dashboard, the roof and the doors of that specific car.

the reason that crucc only works with honda models is that honda is the first company to utilize crucc technology. other manufacturers have used different locking codes but since crucc has been around for many years, honda has been a leader.

note that crucc can only be used to enter the security code to your head unit (not the head unit to your car). it can only be used to enter a security code to your car or enter the button code to your car.

in the setup screen, in addition to brand, you can also enter the make of the car. for non-honda models, you can enter the model of the car. however if the make of the car and the model of the car is not honda, you are probably out of luck.

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