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Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness PATCHED

How lucky is the Mystery Inc. gang when they win a trip on a spaceship in SCOOBY-DOO! MOON MONSTER MADNESS? Very lucky, indeed. And what wacky people they meet on trip! Three world-famous astronauts, an unstoppable football player, an alien fighter (a parody of Sigourney Weaver's role in the Alien films), and the journey's sponsor, Sly Baron, a media mogul who'll do just about anything to make history -- for himself. But strange things begin to happen before too long. What appears to be a savage alien seems committed to ending their Space Odyssey. The monster badly damages the ship; their air supply is almost gone, and it's only because Sly Baron has another trick up his sleeve that they'll survive. He reveals that he's built the first space resort on the dark side of moon. With just enough air to make it, the troupe sets down on the moon to repair their ship and resume their space adventure. They're crushed when they discover the alien has stowed aboard with them and proceeds to cause all manner of mayhem to stop them once again. Will they capture the alien? Can their spaceship be repaired? Will Velma and Daphne ever stop arguing? Will Scooby and Shaggy find enough food to sustain their insatiable appetites? And who will fly the spaceship home when it looks as if all is lost?

Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness

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